Content Creation Services

Content Creation Services


Words have the power to move mountains. Are you using them right? The right message, marketed right can change the world, making it a better place.

Content we see online is so cliched that nobody reads a full sentence, let alone a full paragraph.

Readers skim through content. So be short, be concise, be clear.

Content Creation Services from Tagbeans Digital
Website content
Website content

Anybody can write content. But to write content that has oomph, that speaks to your customer’s heart, that resonates with their needs, you need to understand the passion and drive behind your business.

At Tagbeans Digital, we strive to get across that passion in your content.

Email marketing pitches
Email marketing pitches

Gone are the days when email marketing pitches sounded like newsletter updates. Clear, concise emails that addresses your customers’ pain points will get you more conversions.

Blog posts
Blog posts

Blogs need to be updated regularly so that your visitors have fresh, interesting content each time they visit you. Tagbeans digital specializes in unique, market-relevant content for your blogs.

SEO content writing
SEO content writing

Your content could be the best in the world, but if search engines don’t discover you, you don’t gain from it.

We use keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest and Buzzsumo to ensure that you website has the right content, with the right keywords so that they appear before your target audience.


Well-written brochures give a quick summary of your business, your USPs and values to its reader. Be it to present your company as a partner or as a vendor, brochures are a key tool for corporate communication.

Social media content
Social media content

Your success or failure in generating interactions and leads through social media, is determined by how interesting and fascinating your content is.

Regular updates that catch your customers’ attention is key to social media content services from Tagbeans digital.

Press releases
Press releases

Significant events or developments in you organization necessitates press releases that can catch the world’s attention.

We can help you write brilliant newsletter that capture the essence of your special events.

What makes a good page?

  • Simple words - No hyperbole, no long-winded sentences. Be clear, be concise

  • No plagiarism – This is given when it comes to website content. Do not copy. Not a paragraph, not a sentence, not a phrase.

  • Keywords – Do not go overboard and stuff the content with keywords, but don’t forget to include them either.

  • Length of page – Anything above 300 words helps put across your idea clearly. Do not beat around the bush and say the same thing again and again to increase word count.

  • Title, Headings – These help search engines interpret your content. Be sure to break the content into small bite-sized pieces.

  • Small paragraphs – Customer skim through content. Smaller paragraphs mean that visitors would read more.

Do you need help writing compelling content? Tagbeans Digital can help.

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Why outsource content writing?

  • Businesses need to keep creating content, be it for website, blogs, emailers, campaigns and so on. Also, stale content needs to be refreshed and updated.

  • When you stop producing content, you stop communicating with your customers.

  • With the ever-increasing content requirements of a business, it is difficult to keep up. And that’s when you can ask for help. Would you like some help in creating content?

How do I know the content is effective?

Measuring the performance of you content, and your website is crucial for you to know your return on investment.
Using Google analytics, or any other web analytics tool, measure page performance and conversion regularly.
Testing can help you determine which version of content works.

What is the process for outsourcing content?

  • The first step in outsourcing is to find a good partner. Check their portfolio and sample work, assess their understanding of your business.

  • Once you have finalized Tagbeans Digital as your partner, we send you a simple questionnaire which helps us understand about your service offerings.

  • We will write the pages based on keywords from Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest and other tools to write the final content based on your requirements.

  • Content is delivered to you for approval.

These simple steps ensure that you content is crisp, to-the-point and talks your customers’ language.

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