Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing for lead generation


Not getting enough TRAFFIC AND LEADS on your website? Are the SEO efforts not getting you the results you want?

Thankfully, there are Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns or PPC campaigns that can help you reach your target audience effectively. And get 3 to 4 times Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The most commonly used channels are Google ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook campaigns, depending on your target audience. Each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the success of your campaign depends on how best you can use these channels for Paid Ads.

Generate Leads through Pay Per Click Marketing
Channels for Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns
1. Deciding which campaign platform to use

Where your customers are, there should you be.

Google Search and Display PPC campaigns can help you address intent-based and interest-based audience targeting. And when it comes to social media, the demographics of your target audience will determine the handles you need to advertise on. Tagbeans can help you choose the right channel to focus your PPC campaigns on.

Campaign keywords
2. Keywords to advertise for

For Google Search Ads, you need to arrive at the set of keywords your audience would use to search. We use tools like Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest to find the right set of keywords to target for your Paid Marketing Campaigns.

PPC marketing campaign audience
3. Target audience

Analyze your customer demographics to create different customer segments you can focus on. Today, PPC ad platforms help you target very narrow audience segments based on age, gender, occupation, geography, interests, etc.

We can help you identify the right audience segments for your PPC campaigns so that you put across the right message to the right audience.

Marketing campaign ads
4. Catchy ads

Your PPC ad copies, images, and videos play an important role in getting you clicks and conversions since you get only microseconds to capture your audience's attention. Test different images and captions to make sure you choose the most effective one for your campaign.

Campaign landing pages
5. Landing pages

Your landing pages should have all the relevant information, enough for your visitor to take a decision. Pricing, Discounts, Contact information, and Processes are some key information that you should include on your website landing pages. Tagbeans can help you design these PPC landing pages taking into account the key factors that need to be incorporated into them for effective conversions.

Marketing campaign testing
6. Testing

Testing your ads is very crucial to getting the words and elements just right. Keep testing so that your Pay per Click ads reach the right audience, and most importantly, to convince them to get in touch with you.

Digital marketinc campaign reports
7. Monitoring and Reporting

It's crucial to monitor your PPC ads very closely to make sure you are spending the right amount on the right campaigns, and reaching the right audience. Monitor Cost per Click and Cost per Conversion numbers every day to see if your ads are doing well.

Tagbeans will provide you with regular reporting so that you have information on traffic and leads from the campaigns on a regular basis.

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Aren’t campaigns expensive?


Some of them are.

But it depends on:

  • The platform you choose

  • The keywords you want to bid for

  • The target audience

We will help you keep the budget to a minimum, getting the maximum return on your money spent.

How soon can you expect results?


Organic methods take more time to yield results.

But paid campaigns can start getting you traffic immediately. Other than the time taken to design a good landing page, you can expect results from Week 1.

Google ads is too expensive. What else can you focus on?

It is indeed true that Google ads has become more expensive over time, especially for highly competitive keywords.
We can help you focus on the less competitive keywords that will still get you good traffic.
Or we could set up campaigns in alternative channels including search engines and social media.

What if you prefer organic traffic to paid traffic?


Tagbeans Digital can help you with that as well. Check out our Search Engine Optimization services to help you get organic traffic.

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