Website Audit Services

Website Audit Services

Are you struggling with errors popping up on Google search console? Is your website still not crawled and indexed by Google?

Would you like to do a spring cleaning for your website to make sure things are working fine?

We can help!

Tagbeans Digital has a systematic, 5 step-process that ensures your website is updated, free of errors and user-friendly.

Website audit services from Tagbeans Digital

  1. Security aspects like SSL, GDPR compliance.

  2. Technical features like 404 errors, www and non-www versions, crawlability, HTML errors, sitemap.xml

  3. SEO factors like, duplicate title, duplicate metas, long titles, heading tags

  4. Usability features like navigation, folder structures, internal linking

  5. External factors like backlinks, competitor analysis

Comprehensive reports on these factors, along with why you need them, and how best to implement them, can help you improve your website quality.

Why do you need a website audit
1. Why do you need a website audit?

Websites change over time, new pages get added, new people work on the code and eventually mistakes tend to creep in. Or it is possible that your website has not been touched in a while and things might have gotten stale over time when algorithms or SEO practices changed.

A website audit can help you clean up things, make sure you have all the elements that a search engine is looking for, and is user-friendly too.

How long will a website audit take
2. How long will a website audit take?

Website audit report generation will take only a day or two. It can done with readymade tools online, but you will need multiple tools and subscriptions to get all the data in one place.

Tagbeans digital can give you a comprehensive website audit report that takes care of all key aspects of your website.

But the key to a successful website audit is the implementation of recommendations. The quicker and more efficient the implementation, the better will your website health.

Should you implement ALL the recommendations in a website audit report
3. Should you implement ALL the recommendations in a website audit report?

Not necessarily.

All the points mentioned in a website audit have different levels of importance and priority. Some are very important and needs to be implemented, lest your site’s rankings will get affected.

Some points in the website audit are just recommendations which can help your website rank better, but will not necessarily harm its performance.

So, though it’s advisable to implement all the recommendations, you are free to make your choices, depending on the resources and time you have.

Would you like to get a quote for your website audit now? Contact us here.

Will I see visible changes on website performance after implementing website audit recommendations
4. Will I see visible changes on website performance after implementing website audit recommendations?

Some of the important factors like SSL, title, metas and URL structures have a direct impact on the ranking of your site. You will see an improvement in the website performance on implementing these.

But some subtle changes like content refresh, adding favicons etc. will help strengthen your digital presence in the long run.

What is the process for website audit
5. What is the process for website audit?
  • You inquire with Tagbeans digital for website audit
  • We will sign the NDA to make sure your data is kept confidential
  • Access to Google search console will give us a better view into your website health. But we can work around it and get you a website audit using other tools as well
  • After payment, we present the website audit report in 4 working days
  • We will continue to follow up with you while you implement the recommendations
What if you don’t give us Google search console access
6. What if you don’t give us Google search console access?

Access to Google search console would give the website audit a lot more clarity, but we can work around if you are not able to provide us access.

We will still be able to deliver a comprehensive website audit report.

Most importantly, how much does it cost?

The cost varies between $300-600 depending on the size of your website and how updated it is. Please contact us for a customized quote.
If you have any more questions about website audit, do reach out to us here.

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