Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services


Acquiring a new customer is 6-8 times more difficult compared to retaining or growing an existing customer. And how do you keep in touch with existing customers? How do you let them know what is new in your company?

Emails, of course!

Whether it is growing your customer base, or retaining existing customers, Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective methods of digital marketing.

Email Marketing Services from Tagbeans Digital
Email marketing tools
1. Choosing the right tool

There are so many email marketing tools available in the market, and choosing the right one is key to your strategy. Here are some of the popular email marketing software

  • Sendinblue
  • Mailchimp
  • Zoho campaigns
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
Email marketing database
2. Email marketing database

Success of the email marketing campaign depends on how good your recipient list is. If you buy a database from the internet and send emails to them, chances are you will not get anybody to open your email.

  • Use your own database of customers
  • Or use intelligent tools to mine and arrive at a list of customers who are interested in your services

The more targeted your email, more the chances of getting your recipients to read it. So we make sure that your database is segmented based on geography, interests and demographics before sending email campaigns.

Email scheduling
4. Scheduling campaigns

There are many standard day and time guidelines based on studies, on when your recipients are likely to open emails. But it is prudent to test on your own, through trial and error, before deciding when to schedule your campaigns.

Email pitches
5. Eye-grabbing email pitches

Not too formal, not to sales-y. Not too long, not too short.

Getting the email pitch 'just right' can help you convert better. We can word your email just right, to get your customers to open a conversation with you.

Tracking opens and clicks
6. Tracking opens and clicks

Any tool will give you data on open and clicks on your campaign. But to understand what the customer did on your website, you need proper tagging of links in your email, and regular monitoring of traffic through those links.

Drip campaigns
7. Drip campaigns

We at Tagbeans Digital have the expertise to formulate the complete email marketing strategy, nurturing recipients who showed interest but did not reply. Or gently nudging customers who did not show interest.

Testing email campaigns
8. Testing

Every strategy needs to be tested and honed to make sure it’s the best strategy. From subject lines, to email pitches to links, everything is tested regularly to ensure that we elicit maximum response.

Email campaign reporting
9. Regular reporting

The email marketing campaigns needs to be monitored closely to ensure that it’s running the way you want it to. Our monthly reports ensure that you have your eye on the effectiveness of your campaign, all the time.

Why do you need email marketing?


In spite of all the latest communication tools available in offices, email is still the most widely used. And it works too! Brilliantly! Reach out to your customers or prospects with the right message, and there’s a 70% chance of them responding to you.

Do you need help with email marketing? Tagbeans Digital can help.

What are the features you should look for in an email marketing software?

  • Email templates you can choose from

  • Ease of creating and editing emails

  • A/B testing

  • Autoresponders

  • Automated workflows

  • Insightful, easy-to-understand reports

  • Subscriber management

These simple steps ensure that you content is crisp, to-the-point and talks your customers’ language.

What if you don’t have an existing list of customers?


No worries! Not everybody starts with a list of customers they can email. There are very intelligent tools available in the market today like Zoominfo, Lusha, and many more that can help you find the right target audience for your business and reach out to them.

Why should you hire a consultant for email marketing?


Most tools are straight-forward and can be managed by yourself. But if you are trying to figure out things, there’s the inertia to start, and extra time taken to getting things off the ground.

Tagbeans Digital, with over 17 years of experience in digital marketing can get your email campaign started quickly, and running efficiently in no time.

Do you need help with email marketing? Tagbeans Digital can help.

How long should you run an email marketing campaign before you see results?

Any digital marketing effort takes time to yield results, and good time frame being 2-4 months for organic traffic and leads.
With email marketing, it is much faster since you are directly reaching out to your customers.
Hence a time frame of 1-2 months could yield good results for your email marketing efforts.

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