Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Everybody and their aunt are on social media. I’m sure you are too. But are you making the best use of the enormous possibilities of social media for your business?

Having a social media handle is not enough.

Posting once in a blue moon is not enough.

At Tagbeans Digital, we consider social media as a potent lead generation tool, that can help grow your business very fast.

Social Media Marketing Services from Tagbeans Digital
Creating social media handles
Creating social media handles

Agreed that this is the most basic step. But do you think about which social media channels to focus on for your business?

We help you choose the right channels based on your business and your target audience.

Social media creatives

There is no limit to the creativity you can express on social media to catch attention. Be it a smartly-phrased, attention-grabbing post or a funky video, the aim of your creative should be to get across your message quickly.

Social media posting
Regular posting

Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sproutsocial can help very effectively schedule your campaigns based on the days, and times of day you would like your posts to go live.

Social media reporting

There are various factors that determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing. Number of followers, Likes, Comments, Subscribers, Retweets should all be monitored to make sure your social media channels are giving good results.

Testing and Optimization
Testing and Optimization

Marketing is incomplete without proper testing of message and time of delivery. Tagbeans Digital can help you test each aspect of your social media marketing to ensure its effectiveness.

7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Easy to post and maintain - Unlike websites or blogs where you need lengthy pages or articles, social media thrives on short, simple messages.

  • Audience targeting - The channels are set, the audience is also present – all you need to do is to engage with them consistently.

  • Wide variety of channels - LinkedIn and Quora are effective B2B channels, Facebook and Instagram are effective B2C channels. But that’s not all. Youtube, Pinterest, Shortcut, Twitter – there are so many channels you can focus on.

  • Range of marketing styles - Some channels need text, some channels need images and some others need video. Whatever be your style of marketing, there is a channel that suits your special requirements.

  • Easy retention of audience - Once a customer follows or subscribes to you, it’s easy to connect with them, and keep reminding them of your brand.

  • Range of marketing styles - Some channels need text, some channels need images and some others need videos. Whatever be your style of marketing, there is a channel that suits your special requirements.

  • Audience reach - There are some categories of audience like children or elderly whom you can reach easily through social media, but it’s difficult to reach them through websites or blogs.

  • Quick results - Websites take time to get ranked, to get traffic and leads. But social media can make you viral in no time – a super-hit video is all you need to make you an instant social media sensation.

How can you get more likes and subscriptions?


There are many who advertise 10,000 followers for $50 or a million followers in a week. But there is no easy way out. Keep producing engaging content, keep interacting with your customers on social media and eventually, they will follow you, and find value in your channel.

Do you need help getting followers, subscriptions and likes? Tagbeans Digital can help.

Do you need to hire a designer to post creatives on social media channels?

There are many tools available to create videos, images and graphics!
Canva, Stencil, Crello are some software that even amateurs can use to create eye-catching visuals.
It’s not so much the design that captivates your audience, it’s the message you put across.

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