How to write awesome content

How to write awesome content

Awesome-ness is not a coincidence, or magic. It requires discipline, perseverance, and hard work. This article will help you create awesome content, but sorry to say that it will require some hard work.

If customer is King in the retail world, then content is king in the online world, as was very rightly pointed out by Bill Gates way back in 1996. Come to think of it, Bill Gates is very good at predicting the future. He even predicted the possibility of an epidemic like Covid way back in 2015. Without digressing, let me get back to Content.

Content is king and will always continue to be King, even in these times when it is very easy to produce content on social media. In fact, many of us have become consumers rather than creators in the social media world. Let’s move towards creation. Let’s put pen to paper and create awesome-ness.

What are the steps to producing awesome content?

These steps are divided into three parts, The Research, The Execution and The Results!

  • Audience Research
  • Topic Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Plagiarism
  • Simple words and sentences
  • Font size and color
  • Graphics
  • SEO
  • Analyze ranking and traffic
  • Visitor behavior tracking
  • Bounce and exit rates

Part 1 - Research

Research is essential to writing the right content for the right audience. Skip this risk at your own peril. The more thoroughly you research your audience and topics, the better your content will be

  1. Whom are you writing for?

    Unless you know your audience and what they want to hear, it’s impossible to produce awesome content. You content should be based on what your audience wants to hear and not based on what you want to say. Create a persona of your audience – their age group, careers, vacation preferences, food they eat, vehicles they drive, and whom they hang out with.

    Once you know how your audience talks and thinks, you can speak to their hearts. And that’s how you make content awesome, but speaking directly to your audiences’ needs.

  2. What will you write?

    It’s very common to experience writer’s block while deciding what topics to write. Fortunately, there are some failproof methods that can help you decide on topics for your awesome content.

    • Forums - Join a few online forums related to your topic, and listen carefully to the discussions, and comments to see what your audience is interested in. These could be social media forums, industry-specific groups, technical support groups – any place your product or service is being discussed is a good place to get inspired.
    • Software to generate ideas - Google keyword planner, Buzzsumo, Content Studio, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google trends and the list goes on. Enter few basic search terms in these tools, and you get a wealth of information on what other articles are available, and also what your audience is searching for.
    • Team meetings – Everybody talks, a lot, during Zoom meetings as you would have experienced in recent times. Keep your Evernote or just a Google doc open, to jot down ideas that come to your mind during discussions.
  3. Whom are you competing against?

    Competitor analysis is essential for you to know what kind of articles and websites will compete against you. Try to stay one step ahead. Write better than your competition, have a better perspective or just write more than them.

    You can use tools like Spyfu to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and how much traffic they get.

Part 2 - Execution

Now that you’ve done your research it’s time to start putting your thoughts into words. And this is not easy. Your content should not be a summary or amalgamation of 10 other articles you found online. Your perspective or opinion on the topic is what will make your content unique from the other webpages. Spend some time thinking about the topic so that you have your own opinion.

If it is a tool or a process that you are describing in your content, make sure that you use it for a few days before writing about it.

Here are some things to remember before you start writing:

  1. No plagiarism

    Plagiarism can get you penalized by top search engines and affect your website rankings. So, make sure you have original content - each word, each phrase, each sentence, written by you.

  2. Keep it simple stupid

    Unless you are writing a research article, it helps to keep your words simple and straightforward. Your sentences simple and paragraphs short. Always remember that you over half of your visitors spend less than 15 seconds on the page.

  3. Font size and color

    Beware of your font size and font color since most people read articles on the mobile phone where you need a good spacing between words and sentences to make the content readable.

  4. Graphics

    Remember to add screenshots infographics, or images to break the monotony of your content. Remember that nobody likes to read paragraph after paragraph of content.

  5. SEO

    Too much focus on SEO may dampen your creativity. But remember that is it is essential to get you ranked on such engines to get you some traffic. Go back to the drawing board and remember the research that you have done. Make sure that you use the keywords that you found during your research, but do not crowd your article with keywords.


Your work does not stop at just writing awesome content. Keep checking rankings and traffic for your page so see if your visitors think they are awesome.

If it is a tool or a process that you are describing in your content, make sure that you use it for a few days before writing about it.

Analyze your pages to check:

  • Search engine rankings for major keywords
  • Landing traffic
  • Exit rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Time spent
  • The kind of pages are working for you
  • Heatmap of visitors
  • Conversion rate of the page
  • Visitor behaviour after they read your page

And this will give you useful insights into what you can write next, what kind of lines engage your audience, and how awesome your content is.

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