Top Statistics on Google Ads

Top Statistics on Google Ads


If you are a digital marketer running campaigns on Google ads, it helps to know the general statistics on click-through rate, cost per conversion, mobile and video performance, top industries etc. Here are some quick statistics for you to understand the Google Ads platform better.

Hope they will help you monitor and optimize your campaigns for better performance.

How popular is Google Ads?

Google is without question the most popular or most visited website in the world, and it has a whopping 91.9% of the search engine market. 8.5 billion searches are done on Google every day, that is more than 1 search per person on the planet! 63% of these searches happen from mobile devices.

Industries that are advertising on Google

Top industries that advertise on Google Ads are:

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Jobs and Education
  • Home and Garden
  • Computers and Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Internet and Telecom
  • Business and Industries
  • Occasions and Gifts

Average Click Through Rate (CTR) on Google Ads

Average CTR is 3.17% for Search Ads and .46% for Display Ads.

The numbers are as low as 2.41% for B2B and B2C, and as high as 6.05% for Dating ads. So you can realistically expect around 2% CTR for most search ads. If it is lower than 2%, consider optimizing your ad copy, keywords, or audiences to bring it up.

The formula for CTR is Clicks/Impressions.

Average Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Ads

Cost per click is a measure of the popularity of your product or service, audience targeting, and ad copy quality.

The average CPC is $2.69 for Search Ads and $.63 for Display Ads.

B2B and B2C Ads have $3.33 and $6.40 CPC respectively on Google Search Ads.

This can vary widely based on the industry, but you can use these base numbers to optimize your campaign.

Google Ads Revenue Over the Years

Majority of the revenue for Google comes from Google Ads, especially from Search Advertising. In 2022, the total revenue that Alphabet, Google’s parent company made was $279.8 billion, out of which $224.47 billion was from Google Ads. That’s a whopping 80%, which goes to show how popular and effective Google Ads is.

Conversion Rates in Google Ads

Conversion rate on Google Ads varies based on the type of industry, campaign, audience, placement, and other factors. The average conversion rate for Search Ads is around 3.75%, while the average conversion rate for Display Ads is 0.77%.

This conversion rate for Google Ads can be improved by optimizing the landing pages, ad copy, targeting, and bidding strategies. Conversion rates can also be increased by targeting the right audience and using ad extensions.

Average Cost Per Conversion (CPA) on Google Ads

The average cost per conversion on Google Ads is $50, although it varies quite a bit based on the industry, bidding strategy, and the demand for your products and services. For instance, the cost per conversion for the education industry is $72, while for the travel industry, it is $63.

Optimize your targeting, bidding strategies, ad copy, as well as landing pages to ensure you have a better cost per conversion. It is also important to track the performance of different campaigns and make adjustments based on the results.

Time of Day and Day of Week Performance

Generally, the best-performing days for Google Ads campaigns are weekdays, with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being the most optimal. The worst-performing days are usually weekends, especially Sundays.

This again varies based on the kind of industry – For example, hobby classes, events, and entertainment websites have better footfall on weekends compared to weekdays. Business websites will have almost zero traffic during weekends. So, remember to switch off your ads during weekends or weekdays based on the kind of service you offer.

Regarding the time of day, the best time for Google Ads campaigns is usually during business hours, from 9 am to 5 pm. The performance of campaigns can be improved by adjusting bids based on the time of day and day of the week.

Create Google Analytics reports to check the time of the day, and days of the week when you get maximum traffic, and tweak the campaigns accordingly.

Quality Score

Quality Score is a measure of the quality of your ads and landing pages. It is based relevance of the ad to the search query, the click-through rate, and the landing page experience.

A higher Quality Score can lead to lower costs and better ad positions. On average, ads with a Quality Score of 7 or higher tend to have lower costs per click than ads with a Quality Score below 6.

Video Ad Performance

Everybody is on YouTube these days, from kids to professionals, to senior citizens. What better way to reach your target audience than small Video Ads that captivate their attention?!

Video ads have a good average click-through rate of 0.84%, which is higher than the average for display ads. Video ads can also have a positive impact on brand awareness, as 70% of people say they have watched a brand's video on YouTube and gained a better understanding of the brand or product.

To get the best results with video ads, it's important to create engaging and relevant content, use targeting options such as demographics and interests, and measure the performance of your ads using metrics such as view rate and cost per view.

Mobile vs. Desktop Performance

With over 60% of Google searches now happening on mobile devices, it is important for advertisers to optimize their campaigns for mobile. On average, the click-through rate for mobile ads is lower than desktop ads, but the conversion rate for mobile ads is higher than desktop ads.

To optimize campaigns for mobile devices, advertisers can use responsive ads, create mobile-friendly landing pages, and adjust bids based on the device.

What next?

Google Ads is a very popular platform that offers a wide range of benefits to advertisers. By understanding the key statistics and trends, advertisers can optimize their campaigns to get the best results.

Keep these key statistics in mind while running Google Ads campaigns so that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns for better performance. If you would like Tagbeans Digital to run Google Ads campaigns for you, reach out to us today. We will employ our experience and expertise to get you the most number of leads, at the lowest cost.

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