YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing


VIDEO Marketing is big, and getting bigger by the minute because everybody is on YouTube always. And Google is now ranking video results higher than pages. If these isn’t enough reasons for you to start YouTube Marketing, here are some more reasons why you should start Yesterday!

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is one of the most popular digital marketing channels in the world. Every year there is over 40% increase in the number of YouTubers earning six-digital profits on this channel.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with the basics of YouTube Marketing.

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  1. Creating your YouTube Channel

    Starting right at the basics – YouTube is owned by Google, and you first have to create a Google account before creating your YouTube channel.

    • Once your Google account is created, go to and select ‘Create a channel’ on the top right menu.
    • You have to upload a picture, and give a name to the channel. Remember to include your primary keyword in this name field, since it helps YouTube to understand what you channel is all about.
    Creating a YouTube channel

    Creating a YouTube channel

  2. Customizing your YouTube channel

    Optimize your YouTube channel by logging in to your Channel and clicking on the ‘Customize Channel’ button on top right.

    • In the first tab called Layout, add a Channel Trailer for those who have not subscribed to your channel.
    • Add a Featured Video for those who have already subscribed and are returning to your channel.
    • In the second tab for Branding, add a banner image that’s at least 2048*1152 pixels.
    • You can also add a video watermark to make sure nobody copies your video content.
    • Under the third tab Basic info, add a detailed description for your channel. Remember to include all relevant keywords in your Description so that YouTube can rank your channel well.
    • Add Links to other handles like website, blog, LinkedIn profile, Instagram profile etc.
    • You can choose to display few or many links on the YouTube banner.
    • Also provide your Contact information here, so that customers can reach out to you.
    Customizing your YouTube channel

    Customizing your YouTube channel

    Also go to the Settings tab on the left menu to add basic information like Currency, Keywords, Title, Description, Permissions, and Tags to your channel.

    Optimize YouTube channel settings

    Optimize YouTube channel settings

  3. Uploading and Optimizing your YouTube Videos

    Uploading video to YouTube is super-easy. Click on the Create button and select a video from your computer to upload.

    Optimize your YouTube video to ensure that you show up on YouTube as well as Google search results, and also get good traffic. Here are the steps involved in optimizing your YouTube video:

    • Add a good Title for the video that will capture the attention of viewers, and also include your primary keyword. Keep it short, preferably 70 characters with spaces.
    • Description should also include keywords, salient features, USPs, and possible freebies to attract viewers to your video.
    • Add timestamps to you video description so that viewers to jump to any section of your video quickly.
    • Add a bright and attractive custom thumbnail to lure in more viewers.
    • Select the right category for your video such as education, entertainment, gaming, sports, science and technology.
    • Check YouTube’s transcribed subtitles for correctness.
    • Add End screens to help viewers decide what to do next.
    • Adding clickable YouTube cards in your videos make it simple and quick for the customers to visit your website or other videos.
    Optimizing YouTube Video

    Optimizing YouTube Video

    Once you have optimized your video, wait for YouTube to index and rank your video, and send traffic your way.

What kind of videos can you post on YouTube?

As you already know, there are all kinds of videos on YouTube. From a business perspective, here are some of the videos that you can post on YouTube.

  1. Informative Videos

  2. Have something to say that you customer about? Say it is concise and clear as possible. Nobody like long, winding videos that take a long time to get to the point.

    Explanatory animations or even diagrams can make your videos attractive to viewers.

  3. Product or Service Marketing

  4. You can use YouTube very successfully to market your service or product, by using the right keywords to reach your customer base.

    Mention next steps very clearly in your videos. Do you want your customers to contact you? Or visit your website? Or read your success story? Guide them correctly along your sales funnel from the video.

  5. Video Ads

  6. Since YouTube is a very popular channel, everybody wants to advertise there. There are many different ads formats like In-stream ads, In-feed ads, Bumper ads, Outstream ads, Mastheads, and more.

    Choose the right ad that will capture the attention of your target audience, and keep it short!

  7. YouTube Live

  8. If you have a good follower base, there is no better way to connect with them than YouTube live, where you can speak LIVE to your subscribers, and hear back from them.

    Keep your Live session active by interacting with viewers and letting them know that you value their presence.

  9. Video Testimonials

  10. Nothing convinces somebody to work with you, more than success stories, and hearing from your happy customers.

    Bribe, cajole, and plead with your customers to record video testimonials of their experiences in working with you.

  11. Employees and work culture

  12. Not only do you have to attract good customers, you also have to attract good talent to keep your organization successful. Post stories about your employees and office activities, so that your future employees and customers get a fair idea of your work culture.

How to make the best of Influencer Marketing?

Anytime you hear about Digital Marketing trends, you hear about Influencer Marketing and how it is set to grow in the coming days. It’s true, and you should definitely embrace Influencer Marketing as part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

  • Identify the right influencer for your area of business. Ideally, zero in on one influencer who has followers belonging to your target audience pool.
  • Influencer marketing is NOT about offering money to the Influencer to talk about your brand. If Influencers easily accepted money to talk about brands, they would not stay an Influencer for too long.
  • Develop a clear strategy, and possibly work with the Influencer on how to incorporate your brand into her/his videos.
  • Think long-term and do not expect immediate results.

Benefits of a good YouTube Marketing Strategy

Anybody can create videos. But to make videos that keep viewers hooked on till the end, is a skill in itself, and worth mastering the coming years.

Present concepts clearly, keep it short, optimize it well, and keep posting regularly. These 4 cornerstones can help you succeed in YouTube marketing.

Here are some of the key benefits of a good YouTube Marketing Strategy:

  • Reach a large pool of over 100 million people watching YouTube EVERY DAY!
  • Explain things better over video, since it’s cumbersome to write articles about technical stuff. It’s much easier to show how to change your printer cartridge in 1 minute, than writing a 500 words article about it.
  • Google now ranks video results above pages, and so your videos have a better chance of ranking compared to your webpages.
  • You can create different types of videos to address different types of target audience like children, teenagers, youth, and adults.
  • Video marketing has been growing for a long time now, and is set to grow further in the coming days.

Take your business to new heights with a well-thought-out YouTube Marketing strategy. Reach out to Tagbeans Digital for cutting-edge Digital Marketing Services.

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